It's time to feel like a real Make-up Artist!

The Vanityled™ Smart Case is the most desired make-up accessory of the moment. You can finally experience the feeling of order and precision that we all need and apply your make-up even in the dark thanks to the LED Mirror.

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  • The mirror with LED light is the salvation for women suffering from myopia.

    It realistically and uniformly diffuses natural light and eliminates shadows on your face. The mirror is large and can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing you to apply your make-up in the most comfortable position possible.

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  • Travel-proof.

    Vanityled's Smart Make-up Case is designed to ensure you always have the same comfortable experience when applying make-up. During your holidays this summer, you won't have to carry numerous make-up bags, beauty cases and mirrors of various sizes, the Smart Make-up Case is all you need.

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  • Your favourite make-up won't break or get dirty.

    * The Smart Make-up Case has a very solid shell that won't damage your bathroom accessories or make-up. 
    * It has an interlocking closure so the lid will never open by accident. 
    * It can be cleaned in 1 minute. 
    Your best lipsticks and creams deserve this Aesthetic and Luxury "house".

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